Why do I think I despise my wife?




Regulating conduct


After they get married, though, things start to change as they begin to understand each other’s true characteristics. This is expected and normal. However, something must be awry if you observe a significant shift that causes you to second-guess your choice to wed this individual.

A controlling wife is one who, for instance, continually inquires about your whereabouts or the members of your group, phones you nonstop, causes you extreme discomfort, and exhibits a shocking lack of trust.

Perhaps she bans you from doing things that aren’t her business, or she is very protective and refuses to take responsibility for her own errors. The “I’m always right” attitude, which doesn’t appear to alter through time, is a prevalent issue. The situation when a wife says I am always right, the husband will think that i hate my wife.

The fact that this issue severely diminishes males makes it challenging for many of them to deal with. In other words, it might frequently seem as though the woman is assuming some stereotypically male features and, as a result, depriving her husband of the same traits. Why does this occur so frequently? The fact is that no two cases are alike. Sometimes, the spouse didn’t mind because it was just her personality, but other times, it was a result of how the relationship lived.

For instance, a lot of women work while also taking care of the household chores and frequently paying more attention to the kids. They naturally feel like they are in charge of everything because of the heavy responsibility this places on their shoulders. This frequently results in a feeling of bitterness toward the husband who doesn’t see the need for their assistance. This frequently leads to the situation of a domineering woman.

There are times, though, when women are merely obstinate, domineering, and/or brutal in their stance and don’t show indications of changing. A man will feel confined and desperate as a result of this.

Disrespect and un-appreciation


Your best friend should be your spouse. Nevertheless, it might be difficult to avoid wondering why someone liked you in the first place or what it was that you liked about them when you feel disrespected. It’s challenging to stay motivated to mend things if all of your efforts and attempts to make things better are disregarded, laughed at, or taken for granted. Men frequently believe that they give their spouses a lot, including monetary gifts and selfless deeds, but that it often goes unappreciated.

Their husbands feel disrespected by their wives’ ungrateful behavior and lack of reciprocation in their view. Without respect, no real, genuine connection can endure. One of the most crucial components of enduring and good partnerships is respect. Simply put, there is no love without respect. Try talking to your wife without accusing her if you feel this way. Having an open, sincere talk is the best course of action. It serves no purpose to continue in a relationship if that isn’t achievable.



Unfortunately, there is a misconception about how men experience their emotions. That’s primarily due to all the damaging misconceptions about how guys should and shouldn’t behave. Most males are expected to man up and suppress their feelings.

Because of this, people wind up suppressing their feelings and feeling cheated of the affection and connection they really want. Without the wife’s knowledge, hurt sentiments, disappointments, and neglect take place. If you think i hate my wife, you can find relief in another woman.

Men frequently experience a sense of abandonment following the birth of a child. Young moms naturally turn their focus to the infant and give it love and care. Their husbands frequently receive less attention as a result.

The reality is that many women struggle to find time for themselves, which is draining. Men can understandably feel upset and unwilling to express their thoughts out of fear of being falsely accused of a multitude of things. Men can understandably feel abandoned.

In addition to this specific instance, when neglect occurs frequently, it’s fair to wonder if the relationship you have even exists. Marriage is, after all, a commitment to care for another person and facilitate each other’s lives. Constant neglect indicates that the other person doesn’t care about your well-being, which is a good reason to think about ending the relationship.

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